2023 Official Tournaments Will Kick Off Soon
Tournament Organizer Recruitment is under way!
AutoChess Moba Esports

Esports is always one of the most significant components in AutoChess Moba.

We are committed to building an avant-garde Esports brand and infusing more pep into this field.

We welcome everyone to showcase their talents and skills in this arena to continuously enlarge the ACM Esports landscape.

Third-party Tournament
We anticipate more and more third-party tournaments will be held and grow in strength, allowing more players to enjoy the thrill of ACM showdowns. Welcome more kindred spirits to join us in developing the Esports ecosystem.
KOL Tournament
Every live channel can serve as a venue for Esports. We support a diverse tournament ecosystem and encourage all live streamers to organize their tournaments. Weave your magic to call on fans to participate in tournaments!
Community Tournament
"Socially oriented with competition support." Build a tournament around you and make more friends through ACM. Please submit your application here for official tournament authorization and we will contact you once we confirm your qualification.